rs-485  controlled MP3/WAV player  digital Audio

rs-485 controlled MP3/WAV player digital Audio

Digital Audio PLayback  
file type : MP3 /WAV
0-1000 track spaces available 
Playback features
Ambient: Loop cyclically  a single track 
Ambient: loop cyclically All tracks sequentially in a folder 
Ambient: Pause 
Ambient: Continue
Ambient : Stop 
Trigger Fx Tracks
0-1000 availbe
Play single Track 
Increase Volume
Decrease volume
Set volume 
set Slave ID address 
Set baud rate 
Update both ID and baud rate via communication registers and reset device 

complete with software to assign RS485 slave ID and port settings
Audio files are loaded onto Mini SD card
can be used with EZ-03-I/O-SRM controllers and PLC
or PC

Includes :
Mobus player - Micro SD card 
5 or 12vdc power supply 1 amp 

Video demonstration link:
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