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This item is custom made for Johnson Fabrication & controls courtesy of FIX electronics


. optically isolated inputs x 3 (NPN)

.optically isolated output (relay) x 3  ac or dc load 6-7amp 

.on board stereo MP3 audio

. Rs-485 Port for adding Modubus device external input or output devices.Dmx,  etc.


This controller is designed around STM 32f processor allowing to be arduino comparable. and EZ-visual compatable , and stm link compatable.


currently features allow code to be uploaded via 10 pin promming port via STM programmer.

code can be compiled in Visual EZ and opened in Arduino IDE  edited there or created from scratch. 


File is then exported (save and binary) file in Arduino and then opened in STM programming software tool . and uploaded via the stm download adapter. 


ideal for creating custom animatronic playback arrangenents

the STM offers a superb robust packge and ideal for long term and permanent install applications.

STM-ez3 show controller

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