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Cliental List

 Since our business founding in 1999-2000, and much earlier with  the passion to build as kids we’ve grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes.  Providing products to wholesalers & retailers,  private buyers and large amusement parks worldwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods , and services that adhere to  code compliant standards for several industry & occupancy types.

Below is a small list of projects and customers we have had the pleasure of providing service to.


Universal Studios - Florida     (SAW traps) and animatronics   

Sea world Amusement - Pirates      

Circus Circus  Fright Dome

Queen Mary- Shipwreck haunted attraction Animatronics, Supplies, services

Queen Mary-Dark Harbor -conveyance systems,Animatronics, Supplies, services

Busch Gardens- Haunted attraction , decor supplies, paneling

Winchester Mansion -San Jose - Haunt, animatronics, conveyance systems

Kennywood Park- haunt decor 

Adventure Park -, amusement park. Lubbock TX, Animatronics and props

The Peak - Hong Kong  - Haunted attraction and full services

Janes Addiction Band, Live music equipment  blood sprayer 

Shine illumination - seasonal Christmas , foam props and decor

Opportunity Village - Las Vegas , animatronics

Jan Fu Sang Amusement -Taiwan, animatronics

Pharaohs Lost Kingdom-  Haunt & animatronics

Scandia Amusement Park- Haunt & animatronics

The Asylum ExperimentChicago  haunted attraction supplies & animatronics

The crypt of fear, Anaheim & los angeles , CA -animatronics

The Haunted Rose - whittier  CA, animatronics

The Rotten Apple Haunt- burbank ca  animatronics

Haunted Fresno- Fresno , CA Animatronics ,effects , Coneyance

Sinister Pointe ,Haunted attraction supplies and animatronics

Fiesta Village- Maze of chills

Cutting Edge- Haunted Attraction -animatronics

Chamber of chills -haunted attraction  , redlands mall, puente hills mall full services

The Official SAW escape room , Las Vegas NV  full services, controls, fabrication, animatronics & traps

Fright Ride - haunted experience , set construction

Number One Escape Room   Las Vegas NV, architecture , controls, services

13th room escape room -Pomonoa, CA  full services ,construction, controls, puzzles 

Red lantern Escape room  Brea, CA puzzles & controls

Open Door Escape room Redlands , CA puzzles and controls

The Empty Grave - Anaheim CA   conveyance system

Monsterland Museum , Mesa AZ - Animatronics

Americas Got Talent- live show

Old Town Haunt- Los Angeles , Ca  animatronics

Mckamey Manor- animatronics set and design

Coffin Creek , corona , CA - animatronics

Chambers of the Mausoleum, Corona , CA -sets for haunt trail

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride- Animatronic wiring and setup

Dan Sperry IllusionistIllusions & decor

The City of Laguna Niguel-Dino days /haunted trail  animatronics and full services

The City of Lake forest -Dino days/ haunt at heritage hill

Scream Dreams -Haunted Attraction NC    Pneumatic animatronics + custom

Vancouver Horror Nights, Vancouver Canada-  props 

Yogi Bear National Yellowstone Park -Haunted Attraction

Elks Lodge -Haunted Attraction Arcadia  _ Full service haunt and animatronic setup

Halloween Club -retail animatronics 15 + years and current 

F.I.T.C.O -  prototyping

& many more 

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