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Custom group tracker software allows for group names of guests to be loaded into software from groups 0-15 .   Text file configuration containing any desired guests names  or sound effect files to be searched for and loaded into software when typed by employee personnel .  Green indicator confirms the names are present and red displays not loaded .   Those guests names are then assigned a value number when submit button is clicked .  When using a PLC controller  via Ethernet modbus tcp. Those values stored within the software are then read from pLc  and used within your attraction from room to room and or single room experience.  So guest names and sound effect names can be used within the room audio for each room or some of your attraction .  Custom software courtesy of Michael stragey , Mstrageek.  All rights reserved Michael stragey . 

Custom name to audio file loading “group tracker “software

$599.99 Regular Price
$569.99Sale Price
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