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RS-485  controlled DMX -512 output



Activating 0-200 dmx channels

Activating Dmx Fixtures, Equipment, foggers, relays,  any dmx controlled device


this product is used with controller that can read and write Modbus RTU registers 

such as EZ-03-IO-SRM , and PLC controllers


used to control animatronic lighting attraction lighting , Haunted House, Escape room, 

have your controller work in cue to turn on DMX equipment in conjunction with your props and escape room effect 

Operates as a dmx engine 


Can write registers 0-200


For fixture 1

Channel 1 D001- fixture1 brightness 0-255

Channel 2 D002- color red -  0-255

Channel 3 D003-color green 0-255

Channel 4 D004 -color blue  0-255 


Fixture 2 - next available channel not associated with fixture 1


Example :2

For fixture 2 

Channel10 D010-fixture2 brightness 0-255

Channel 11   D011-color red     0-255

Channel 12  D012 color green-0-255

Channel 13. D013 color blue   0-255


And so on 

Each register/ channel is written individually one at a time, once all desired channels have been written  u can allow enabled while dmx controller powered. And turn all 4 off together by sending 

Value 0 to fixture brightness or channel 200 to turn all transmission off 

individually can be done as well . 




Software to manually test with USB whistle and PC or laptop and set slave ID as multiple slaves can be stacked  to communicate via modbus with Your controller device or EZ-3-io-srm controller 



Includes 3 pin Female DMX cable

And power supply 

Operation voltage 5- 12vdc  input 


Video link  with Koyo PLC


Video link with EZ-3 controller

DMX-512 controller / rs485

$99.99 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price
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