DMX-512 controller / rs485

DMX-512 controller / rs485

Modbus rtu / rs485- to DMX-512 allows control of DMX lighting and Dmx equipment such as Fans/ foggers /ssr relay packs   Addresable from PLC or EZ-03-IO-SRM controllers  
this device accepts values that are written to device registers to turn on standard DMX device channels.  

Includes ;
-DMX  female 3 pin pigtail 6” connector
-12vdc 1 amp power supply,

Add on 
Usb whistle. For computer laptops / PC software monitoring 
 usb - rs485 adapter $19.99

Video device example

Video device example
Software view in Arduino IDE
demonstrates EZ library  DMX over Modbus
    $99.99 Regular Price
    $89.99Sale Price



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