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PRODUCT SKU: EZ-03-I/O-SRM EZ series stand alone show controller, USB, 3-in,3-out relays ,on Board MP3 Audio Player & Rs485 Com port.Stand Alone (Arduino) IDE platform compatible show controller can be programmed in Arduino IDE platform as Nano (Atmega 328-P) Features : 3 optically isolated Inputs,3 Outputs-on board relays,Rs 485 2 A/B wire communication for adding Mod-bus RTU slaves and expansions modules Devices such as :ext-MP3 audio player, DMX 512 Lighting Control, Output Expansion Modules Part #EXP-03-MOD and EXP-08_MOD, along with EXT a/c and d/c dimmers. Also Compatible with standard rs485 slave devices. Currently EZ-3 controller rs485 communication is used mainly for (write) modbus device registers, but does have( Read ) capabilities but without library implementation. Hardware:Power Input: 12VDC-reverse polarity ProtectedOutput Relays -mechanical 10 Amp @ 250 vac / 7amp @ 24vdc dry contactInputs- 3 Optically isolated ,sourced voltage is present by Ground only switch closure is necessary. Example: connect button, Switch, step mat , PIR, photoelectric beam, or jumper etc across input (isolated common ground) MP3/ Wav audio player, can be used to play desired Ambient/ Triggered sound, Music, local storage on Micro SD card. create 2 folders folder name “(MP3)” for triggered audio play “once “ with audio track names 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005 for example Create additional folder “(01)” for cyclically playing audio tracks or entire folder strung together “loop” Audio output is full stereo digital quality . Supports Standard MP3 files and sample rates. also . wav files at slightly lower sample rates. full dynamic control Of MP3 player is possible, Play, Pause, Continue/ unpause Stop, Loop,Set Volume, Increase volume , Decrease volume, Equalizer mode setting for music type. additional feature within EZ.h library is MP3_busy.Audio output jack 3.5 mm stereo jack. Programming done Via USB port Printer cable style, along with 10 PIN connector10 pin Programming port consealed inside case.(2) Options available for programming controller nano Microprocessor Atmega 328p USB & 10 pin please select option desired, typically 10 Pin is for discrete programing (non tamper and concealed)both ports allow for on Board Programming in Arduino IDE as nano, additional Micro-Processor programming is capable on other platforms. Please ask for details. The EZ-3-IO-SRM controller and EZ.h Library was Custom created By FIX electronics for Johnson Fabrication and Controls . This is not an off the shelf controller and is not a Product development board with numerous other hardware requirements for use. This is a complete industrial Din Rail mountable Entertainment controller with Vast industry Control Capabilities. A series (01) of the EZ controller family. The EZ.h instruction set and capabilities document is listed within image gallery.The EZ.h library will be expanded on occasionally and library request is free of charge, File examples can be sent via Link and or email by request along with product documentation, if a prior Folder example of the library and example code for Arduino EZ-3 Controller is desired please feel free to message and request. Also a Custom visual Programming tool for quick (easy project) programming will be available upon request for this product.feel free to message and request link documentation, files or special request to have preprogrammed. 


Video demos


Visual EZ software demonstration


DMX examples



Additional demos


Millis-timer example 01 & 02


EZ.h library view


EZ-3 initial demonstration



Push Button Programing/ Button Banger


Controllers and add on Modules


EZ series , version 01.Arduino IDE Compatible controller , 3i/o Audio & Rs485

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