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PLC control Panels , comes with Nema 1 enclose stanadard for interior application.  Stanadrd CPU  8 inputs 6 outputs,  24vdc Idec Interfeace relay 6 pieces,  Din Rail and terminal Block assembly for inputs, 12- 24vdc . Interface relays allow for output of voltage ranges 3- 230 volts ac/or dc/  advantages of PLC industrial controls all inputs and outputs are optcially isolated and full protection against voltage transients and equipment failure.  PLC are used for safety equipment such as elevators conveyance system , ride control systems where the demand is of the highest  to work.  typicall life expectancy of PLC is 15-50 years and more. All equipment is rated for hundreds of millions of cycles even down to the smallest interface relays chosen , from Mechanical and solid sate, into the millions and millions. This quality can not be obtained with stand alone microcontrollers that utilize standard UNL 2803 drivers and on board serial drivers to drive electrical loads  such as relays, solenoids, and other equipment.  Industrial control by far out beats any standard haunt controller or show controller in sustainability and reliability.   typical Models come complete with :. standard 1 MP3 audio Trigger connected via Interface relay dry contact.. stabndard Wav Polypohonic Player with connected dry contact via Idec interface relay . adavanced Models   higher number of output and input card for number of items to control and monitor, ranging from analog and standard sinking or sourcing I/O. Full Audio Control.Full Dmx Control via rs232 control.Emergency stop  disconnect contactor for disengaging lights, audio and mechanical equipment..Inputs for syncing Fire Alarm Control Panel outputs with safety mode for disengaging lights, audio, or distracting equipment in the event of emergency.   120 vac main input24vdc on board power supply,12vdc on board power supply   Additional Models can stacked up to a combination of 256 outputs and inputs , 8 station audio channel rack mount players rs232- control via PLCand Modbus RTU rs-485 control of stackable audio players  Polyphonic.price ranges start at 395.00 for base model control box , additional output and switching models range from 795.00- to 6,900 for full adavnced models.  and up+.  Full sound , DMX control , software interface capable, HMI touch panel control for entire attractions and large scale escape rooms and haunted houses.   Can be used to control Entire Attraction Effects , Room and ride control Logic, Safety Protocols,  Features For HMI touchscreen allow for Employee overrides and equipment to be triggere mannually via an HMI interface. Please contact for your specific desired needs for your attraction  and we can send you a price.

PLC control Panel options

$395.00 Regular Price
$375.25Sale Price
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