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PLC touch controller 4 channel I/O   Stainless steel I illuminated push buttons allows  sequence programming on an industrial PLC with no need for difficult programming  for end user . 1-4 inputs.  1-4 outputs    24vdc sourced voltage outputs  1 amp internal relay , individual 0vdc common for each output . Inputs require only a dry contact or switch.  No source voltage necessary .     Audio on board , ambient and triggered audio , can upload desired audio files via USB port   . Programming port allows for future revisions or direct access to the CPU  for writing your own ladder logic. Or can be connected to rs232 for dmx output with a DMX 512 engine . Sold separately.      Custom programming available for dmx addresses and on/off intensity values .

PLC touch programmable controller ,

$699.00 Regular Price
$629.10Sale Price
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