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Controller 3 outputs, 3inputs, Audio Mp3, Wireless RF control x 2 pieces.  Program and save your own custon sequeneces to controller via wireless RF tranmitter. Or use button locally,  Can be used in conjuntion with switches, buttons, sensor, step mats to trigger controller and trigger manually via Button A input 1.



recording is aceesed on Power Up via RED D button cycling power off and Hold A button down to begin record.

Once toggle sequenece is started simply press A, B, C buttons corresponding to outputs


default trigger is Input 1


audios files can be ambient and triggered MP3,

example file name 0001

folder MP3, 0001-1000 tracks

Folder 01   , 0001-1000 tracks 

does not include power supply, SD,Programming tool  but all acessories are available.  can be programmed IN ardunio IDE and EZ-visual software.with usb/asp tool  10 pin connector inside case.


demo video


Wireless Button Programmable EZ-3 controller

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